New technologies for business

Business events and networking at trade shows should not be boring.

People remember positive emotions much better. Plus - interacting with participants allows them to loosen up and create an effective working atmosphere.

Fun and interactivity work wonders - they bring event participants together, remove barriers, build a work environment right now and in the long run, and make people feel special.

Format, in principle, plays a big role, it is to some extent the litmus test of an event. Format requires creativity, ingenuity, continuing professional education, knowledge of your audience and constant interaction with them.

Sometimes the success of a conference depends not on its program, but on the extent to which guests can be active participants rather than passive listeners.

Today, one-way communication with conference participants is no longer enough, even if the report is read by the most interesting speaker. And all the more so if the topic of the presentation is more about practice than theory.

To attract attendees to interact, there are several methods you can use to insert into the program, thereby loosening up the atmosphere a bit and making the event more appealing.

Virtual reality worlds

The availability of VR technology has opened the door to a multitude of gamification options for business events of all formats and sizes - even in a small space, you can give attendees a virtual reality experience. VR glasses and a computer are all that's needed to create a world where business event guests can do anything. The game can be either individual or team-based.

Digital whiteboard

A modern and interactive format of creativity is drawing on digital touch panels. They can be used as a board, for example, for brainstorming at a training session or a game of charades with guessing. It's a good idea to have a digital board, it's a very useful thing, it can come in handy at any corporate event.

Multi-sensory mix

This format provides the most complete impact on the event participant as it engages all possible channels of perception. In addition, each of us is known to have our own leading channel of perception (visual, auditory, etc.), so this mix is most likely to achieve the desired effect with the majority of the audience.

Also, the multi-touch mix breaks up the monotony inherent in presentations, even in their advanced form (long live, Powerpoint!), and that's worth a lot, because monotony is the main enemy of creative events and the first sign of a panel discussion.

Education, training, team-building with the use of new technologies

In addition to business forums and presentations, modern information technologies are actively used in staff education, training, qualification testing.

This allows for a variety of formats for such events, more active involvement of participants and thus improved results.

When conducting interactive training one may encounter a number of difficulties, among which is bewilderment, negative attitude of participants towards the forthcoming event. The reluctance of some managers to take part in such "games" is quite a common difficulty.

But like everything new, interactive and virtual technologies, albeit slowly, are still expanding the possibilities of application.