Development and creation of modern interactive museums

Today, we are witnessing a real boom of the museum movement all over the world. And this is certainly gratifying.

It is safe to say that society is on the way to cultural recovery. The need to preserve history, to study it, to love it has emerged, not only among a fairly narrow circle of people, but also among every visitor to the expositions today.

  • This is supported by concrete facts:
  • Regional museums receive funding for renovation
  • Corporate museum becomes part of the culture
  • School museums are expanded and actively promoted
  • Museums appeared in kindergartens
  • The private museum as a business idea has already proved its worth
  • Military museums are being established

We are working on making the dream museum a reality.

What do we mean by this promising term?

  • Development of a museum concept
  • Design project
  • Renovation of existing exhibitions
  • Design of exhibitions and museum expositions
  • Creation of any museum "turnkey"
  • Production of exclusive equipment and exhibits of any complexity
  • Author supervision
  • Installation and service work anywhere in the world

A quality end result in the creation of a modern museum requires the participation of a whole team of specialists. These are designers, artists, architects, engineers. For more than 10 years the company "Abris" has united talented people who love their job.

Therefore, it became possible for us not only to perform the work within the framework of the contract, but also to help collect the necessary material for the exhibition, to systematize and efficiently present it. Produce models, exhibits and offer the most attractive forms of presentation.

Working on a project involves several stages, each of which is extremely important as it allows you to meet deadlines and keep your budget:

Drawing up the requirements specification for design

We collect detailed data on the number of visitors, age group.

Conceptual solution

Information on exhibits, etc.

We develop the design project

Determine the style, the color scheme

The excursion route map

Divide the space into zones, etc.

We do finishing work
We make exhibits, showcases, stands, etc.
We produce and mount video and interactive content.

For the best result, this step is included in design project at the design stage.

When designing and performing the work, our specialists are guided by the Recommendations for Designing Museums, building codes and regulations and other technical documentation.

We work closely with the client's representatives throughout the entire project, because the work on the museum cannot be formal. In order to get a dream museum as a result, you need to immerse yourself in the process, concentrate your resources and trust the experts!