Interactive models

Interactive model is an innovative product in the field of model, which combines a physical object and visual effects, video and infographics.

All these elements are presented as a whole using multimedia screens, video projection or augmented reality technology.

The interactive model has a high-tech part - the terminal. With the help of the terminal, the visitor fully interacts with the model through the use of a touch screen monitor. In addition to the control function, the terminal of the interactive model plays a major informational role related to the object presented in the model. In simpler projects, control panels are used, which also ensure the interactivity of the model.

Interactive lighting is often used to show traffic junctions on volumetric maps, logistics solutions at companies, in the city or region. Neon or diode ribbons can be used to show the cycling of a water pipeline, a fish factory or a wastewater treatment plant. Dynamic lighting can be used to simulate airport landing strips and various vectors of movement of transport, cargo, people.

In addition to all of the above common technologies - it is possible to use a diode screen or LCD panel as a substrate model, which can display a series of images of any kind in a plane.

The emergence of multimedia models has increased the efficiency of presentations. They are in demand at exhibitions, forums and other events held to attract investors, partners and buyers. Advantages of interactive models:

  • Spectacular look is achieved by illuminating different elements, sound accompaniment.
  • Highly informative - even with low detail it is easier to convey the very concept of the project.
  • Original design - multimedia layouts always attract more attention than ordinary layouts.
  • Ease of implementation. Thus, even in the absence of drawings or other documents it is possible to demonstrate the idea in an accessible way.

If a conventional model is a completed structure and it is almost impossible to make changes to it in most cases, the multimedia version can be supplemented with new data. This significantly expands the scope of application of interactive models.

When preparing a model for an exhibition or other event, we think through the optimal balance of detail and special effects.

You can shrink a huge object or enlarge a microscopic object, but its model will always be accurate and clear.

Suggest a presentation idea - we'll help bring it to life.