Art objects

New Year is a holiday when modesty and rationality recede into the background. People are walking, firecrackers are flying, lights are on, dresses are sparkling.

The originality of the design was highly appreciated during this period. You can't do with tinsel and a herringbone here. Requires the soul of flight!

Glittering carriages, huge snowflakes, corporate-style gift boxes, all this is especially in demand in December.

But, the question arises, where can you order an exclusive art object? So what it was:

  • Beautiful;
  • It had a backlight;
  • It was durable;
  • Withstood weather conditions and human exposure.

An advertising workshop will undertake to make a large signboard, but they may not agree to make an openwork lattice for a fairy lantern.

Theatrical artists are busy and rarely accept orders from organizations.

But a creative studio that makes layouts and art objects for exhibitions and museums will be able to produce high-quality design: photo zones, showcases, areas in front of the shopping center and business center, places for festivities.

We employ architects, painters, milling cutters and carpenters.

Therefore, we can take on the whole range of work on decoration for the New Year:

  • Develop a design;
  • Make a calculation;
  • Make;
  • Mount.

Since there is not much time left before the New Year, go for it !!!

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