Club House NV/9 Artkvartal

Address: Moscow, B. Nikolovorobinsky lane, property 9


A beautiful premium class project. It is a residential complex of two buildings with its own garden.

The task set by the client was very ambitious. For example, the apartments had to have TV sets showing the company's commercials!

The detailing is very high. Unique creative solutions are implemented here.

The facade glazing is made of transparent plastic. The façade is finished with marble imitation.

The rooftop seating areas have been carefully designed.


The territory of the garden has been worked out in detail.  Trees are made of model makers material, lawns are created by spraying.

The garden recreates a premium living environment. Residents with children strolling along gravel paths, comfortable benches, small architectural forms.

Paving slabs are made with the use of engraving followed by coloring, which conveys its natural appearance.


In this project, a complex interactive lighting scenario was implemented. Apartment lighting, lighting algorithm controller with tablet control, with the ability to automatically check the status of the apartment with the company's head computer, electric lighting of street lamps, facades, car headlights, working TVs in the rooms, displaying the company's commercials.

Thanks to a creative approach and bold solutions, this model managed to convey an atmosphere of respectability. It was possible to achieve such an effect by accurately conveying the details of a high-quality, professional design and the fine detailing of all elements.