Design work

Preliminary design

It is issued in the form of an album and in electronic form. Contains:

  • Concept development;
  • Arrangement plan for exhibits and equipment;
  • Visualization
1500 RUB./sq.m.
Working draft

It is issued in the form of an album and in electronic form, in a convenient format. Contains:

  • All the necessary drawings and calculations for the construction and installation work;
  • Detailed visualization;
  • Estimate.
2200 RUB./sq.m.
Interactive exhibition project

It can be developed for an existing exhibition as an add-on. Or be included in a new project.

It is issued in the form of an album and in electronic form. Contains:

  • Equipment anchor points on the plan;
  • Wiring diagram for cable and low current;
  • Estimate.
1000 RUB./sq.m.

Equipping the museum with modern forms of information presentation

Virtual museum

It is a virtual tour of the exposition, during which the viewer can see additional information with explanations.

Anyone can visit the museum with only Internet access.

Even if the museum does not exist in reality, it can be created in the virtual world and equipped with an interesting exposition.

15 000 RUB./sq.m.
Interactive quiz

Game for museum visitors on a given topic

250 000 RUB
Virtual guide

A program through which the visitor can independently familiarize himself with the museum

От 150 000 RUB.
Installing interactive equipment

Selected individually

От 250 000 RUB.
Filling the museum with interactive content

Software development

От 50 000 RUB.
3D mapping

Volumetric installation with the imposition of virtual objects on real

От 250 000 RUB.
Interactive layout. Size 2x2 m.

Layout, which is complemented by the ability to change the appearance when the tablet is hovering over it or controlled from the monitor

1 000 000 RUB.
All inclusive program

The whole range of works on the design, implementation and installation of equipment.

It is carried out in accordance with the objective need to place existing exhibits and complement them with modern opportunities.

65 000 RUB./sq.m.

Dear Customers! This document does not contain the entire list of services provided by the Abris company. We create a lot for a specific project. Therefore, we ask you to take into account that the creation of a museum completely "from scratch", or a separate element, is an exclusive work. The estimate for it is drawn up individually, after a detailed acquaintance with the requirements of the Customer.