About Company

The name Abris is associated with creativity, drawing and something visual. This is no accident. More than 10 years ago architects, artists, engineers came together and their joint work has resulted in hundreds of completed projects.

With our help, dozens of clients, both large companies and individuals, have been able to solve their business or space decoration needs.

The Abris composition, of course, has changed over the years. But the director, ideological inspirer, mentor Alexander Kutalev remained unchanged. It was his idea to expand the range of services and make the visual perception of content as effective as possible with the help of modern technologies.

For more than three years, we have been "bringing our model to life" by creating applications for them, through which the viewer sees virtual reality and the model in action. Also:

  • Multimedia and augmented reality models;
  • Augmented reality for visual demonstration of exhibits and navigation;
  • Virtual reality in any exhibition space;
  • 3D mapping and projection installations;
  • Interactive software;
  • Mobile applications and interactive souvenirs.

Today it is impossible to imagine a presentation or exhibition where such technologies are not used:

With state-of-the-art hardware solutions and quality, thoughtful content, you can create an exhibition space that will never be forgotten
Augmented reality technology makes it possible to put virtual objects into reality and make them interactive. All you need to view augmented reality content is a smartphone or tablet with an app installed on it
Do you need to attract people's attention to a new product, service or company? Interactive installation will solve all problems.

A team of creative people cannot do monotonous work. That's why we love what we do! No project of ours is the same as the previous one. Each time we start anew. Inventing, finding solutions.

We will gladly undertake your project, no matter how ambitious it is