Design of exhibitions

«See people and show yourself»

Exhibitions and fairs have been around for centuries. But they still remain a favourite place. People are invariably attracted by the atmosphere of festivity, ease of communication, the opportunity to see something new.

It has already been proven that companies who demonstrate their products at presentations, exhibitions and fairs increase their sales by several times. It is at the exhibition stand that important agreements are made and contracts signed. However, only a professionally made stand and a professionally designed exhibition can be really effective.

"You won't get a second chance to make a first impression."

(G. Chanel)

Unlike a museum, which often has a permanent exhibition, the exhibition is more short-term.

That's why it's so important to pay close attention to how to attract visitors.

A properly designed exhibition is:

  • Recognition and popularization of the brand, the brand, the product;
  • Ease of perception of information by all consumers;
  • Visibility, vividness, accessibility;
  • An opportunity to introduce products or expositions to as many people as possible.

What about technology?

According to this task, the exhibition design must be original. It is impossible to get a quality result using standard techniques. The viewer will remember what they see and form a positive impression of the exhibition design as a whole.

The time has come when ergonomic and technological design of exhibition stands prevails. Therefore, the exhibition design with video projections and dynamic content is winning. 3D video mapping, light installations, holographic exhibits, virtual and interactive methods of presenting information.

These technologies perfectly cope with the most complex task, whether it is graphic art or a business presentation. The interesting thing is that the implementation of such an exhibition design still requires the production of equipment. However, it is not as grandiose as if the production of an exhibition stand had been realized by classical methods. It is more lightweight in terms of material and at the same time weighty in terms of content.

Projection technology is also used in other areas, for example, in the manufacture of decorations and event decoration. Modern exhibition design will only continue to evolve. In the future graphic art and 3D video mapping will occupy a dominant position in the design of the exhibition space. Projection-based installations will occupy their own segment and become an integral part of the exhibition design of any subject.

Where to apply?

Specialized design is already a must:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions of any kind
  • Congresses
  • Forums
  • Corporate events
  • Business meetings
  • City projects
  • Festivals
  • Presentations

Can you be more specific?

For any of the above events, regardless of scale, format, venue, studio "Abris" is ready to provide:

  • Art objects
  • Models
  • Figures of people and animals
  • Video, interactive exhibits

Author's work

We have everything we need for that:

  • Milling, laser, plotter cutting
  • Paint shop
  • Model shop
  • Art studio (designers, visualizers)
  • Specialists in technical fields (engineers, designers)

And most importantly, the experience of more than 10 years!

Therefore, we can take the most ambitious project and get it done!