Patriotic education has a long tradition. Given the difficult experience of the wars of the XX century.

There is no shortage of wartime exhibits. Excavations are still being carried out on the battlefields. No less valuable are the artefacts left from the heroic activities of people on the home front.

Museums associated with the army, the history of battles, awards, weapons, have a variety of forms of display: dioramas, museums of military equipment in the open air, a collection of archival documents and much more.

We are searching for solutions to compose an exposition. To reinforce the impression of the power of weapons or to convey pride for the Regiment's banner that survived the battle, to show the pain and touching romance of frontline letters, to give the feeling that a grenade fragment is not just a piece of metal, but someone's life that has been taken.

The military theme is complex, but therefore very important. It is impossible to be a patriot of one's country, to be proud of its history, without being able to see what remains of it forever.

We also grew up in families with veterans. We have gone through a period of collapse and revival. Therefore, patriotism is not an empty word for us and we are happy to contribute to such a noble cause.