It is becoming a good tradition to have a company museum. Over time, people have a legitimate desire to collect everything they can be proud of.

And it's not just about the history of a particular enterprise. The museum's exposition can present the history of the product that is manufactured here. Or the history of the region, honorary workers, awards of the enterprise. And many other things, which carry grains of the past, so important in the present, and even more so in the future.

  • Strengthening the company's brand and image
  • Preservation of important historical exhibits
  • Building staff loyalty
  • Reception area for VIP guests and delegations
  • Place for staff training
  • Assistance in vocational guidance and attracting young professionals to the company
  • Strengthening the position of the enterprise in the regional economy
  • Contribution to spiritual education

Of course, the creation of the museum is within the power of large enough enterprises, with an impressive budget. And these investments will not be spent in vain. Everything we preserve and cherish has a huge social significance.

In the company "Abris" understand this and carefully work out every detail of the future museum.