The mobile app is a guide to the museum world. While in the museum, the visitor can access detailed information about the exhibits.

The app is not only an audio guide, but also interactive diagrams, 360° panoramas, videos and games.

The mobile app allows:

  • Identify the user's location on the museum map.
  • View tour content and brief information about exhibits
  • Explore exhibits using audio guide, exhibit descriptions and multimedia content
  • Some exhibit cards include games and interactive diagrams to help you learn more
  • Rate the tour and leave comments at the end of the tour
  • The ability to add exhibits to favorites and share them on social media creates a viral effect of spreading information about the museum
  • Round the clock online ticket purchase
  • Virtual guestbook motivates users to share their experiences

But let's be honest, the share of mobile applications for museums in our country is very small. The leadership of museums is just coming to understand the need to develop this area.

Despite this, we can already draw some conclusions about what mistakes to avoid in the future:

  • Particular attention should be paid to user-friendliness - navigating to internal pages, filling the application with only the most important information, so as not to overload the user with unnecessary data.
  • You need to follow current trends and release regular updates and create a "timeless" design.

Create all content, traditional and multimedia, in the same style.