Reconstruction of the Chilischeva Apartment House

Address: Moscow, st. Ostozhenka, 10

Degree of detail:

In this work, sophisticated layout techniques are used, which allowed a high degree of detailing. Namely, 3D printing, followed by prototyping and duplication in silicone, 2D and 3D milling, laser cutting, UV printing, photo etching.

The details of the model are as authentic as possible. Especially for this project, molds for casting original lanterns corresponding to the historical part of city were developed.

The project was implemented in stages. The moulds for complex parts were made and samples were cast. Also, using a 3D printer, individual parts were produced, which served as samples for further prototyping.


The main building blends in with the surroundings. A fragment of the sidewalk, driveway, landscaping of the adjoining territory is executed. The model features rolled lawns, green parking, trees and flower beds.

Paving with acrylic sprayed paving tiles has also been done.

The asphalt coating is done with engraving and painting.


In this project a system of interactive lighting was implemented, which gives the model an even greater effect.

The tablet is used to run a program that controls different lighting scenarios. It can be the lighting of a single fragment, or all programmed elements.

Illumination of windows in apartments, facades, entrances and landscaping elements, regulated by brightness and smoothness of ignition.

Thus, the viewer can get a full impression of the quality of the proposed residential environment by examining the model in the "daytime" (without illumination), and in the "evening" (using different lighting scenarios).

By the totality of all the implemented tasks, the model creates a credible and effective impression, disposes the viewer to further acquaintance with the projects of the company-developer.