Model of BelAZ-548 B dump truck train

For the exhibition of achievements of Soviet design, there was made a model of the dump truck BelAZ-548 B designed by the famous Soviet designer Valentin Kobylinski in 1964.

An experimental truck BelAZ-E524-E742 was built based on the model 548B. The 65,000 kg truck was designed to work in mines (that's why it had short "horns"), where it is undesirable to work with a high-powered diesel engine. After the first prototype in 1964, two more trucks were built in 1968. But the company could not go further than prototypes. The future of BelAZ was in cars with internal combustion engines and electric transmission.

To fulfill this order, we studied archival materials, lifted photos, description of the model. This was required in order to reproduce as accurately as possible the appearance of the powerful and unique in its kind car.